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The church outside McPherson only had one classroom, and because the boys had been sent out to the sanctuary for their own lesson that Sunday, there was no means to further separate the younger girls from the older. Or perhaps it was simply decided that even the younger girls were better off learning about unwrapped candy too soon rather than too late. In any case, Cora, around seven at the time, was confused enough by the candy lesson to ask what it meant that very night, when Mother Kaufmann tucking her in.“Oh, goodness,” Mother Kaufmann said, her small blue eyes widening before she looked away. “They’re already teaching you that?” Cora’s room was almost dark, the candle in its holder far from the bed, and still, in just that faint, flickering glow, reflected in the mirror over her bureau, she could see Mother Kaufmann was embarrassed, pink blooming on her pale cheeks. She smoothed the hem of the cotton quilt under Cora’s chin, finally meeting her gaze. “They mean you girls need to save yourselves for marriage.

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The Chaperone
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Guest 6 years ago

Loved this book. It was good from beginning to end.

Reader Jean 6 years ago

I loved this book. I looked forward to my opportunities when I could continue reading it.

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