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The room was rude ; but being without ornament, except for the work of simple craftsmen, it had nothing there to offend the sense of right of anyone entering its door, by any jarring conflict with the purposes and traditions of the land in which it stood. All the woodland spirits might have entered there, and slept if spirits sleep in the great bed, and left at dawn unoffended. In fact that age has not yet learned vulgarity.
When Miguel Threegeese left Morano entered.
" Master, " he said, " the
...y are making a banquet for you. " " Good, " said Rodriguez. " We will eat it. " And he waited to hear what Morano had come to say, for he could see that it was more than this.
" Master, " said Morano, " I have been talking with the bowmen. And they will give you whatever you ask. They are good people, master, and they will give you all things, whatever you asked of them. " Rodriguez would not show to his servant that it all still puzzled him.
" They are very amiable men, " he said.
" Master, " said Morano, coming to the point, THE CHRONICLES OF RODRIGUEZ " that Garda, they will have walked after us.

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The Chronicles of Rodriguez
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