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In view of these conclusions and in this feeling, our constitution was formed, and such views and feelings have always directed the policy of the State. The practical construction which we have given our constitution for a period of more than forty years lias been to exclude all persons, of all degrees of black or negro blood from the exercise or enjoy- ment of all political rights.
"The policy of the State always has been to dis- courage the immigration and settlement of persons of color among
... us. The decision of this Court conferring the political rights upon all less than half black, is an inducement for such to immigrate to the State and re- main here. It violates the spirit of the constitution, because in principle I see no difference in allowing a mulatto to vote, and a person a little less than mulat- to, or a full black; for the taint of black blood extends to them all, and this is the reason of their exclusion. " 27 From the evidence here presented we are forced to conclude that the negroes of Ohio, during the first half of the nineteenth century, were in a miserable condition, economically, morally and menially.

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The Color Line in Ohio
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