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If the senate be to elect, for example, the list called the tropic of magistrates, which is this : 1. The Lord Strategus ; 2. The Lord Orator ; 3. The third Commissioner of the Great Seal ; 4. The third Commissioner of the Treasury ; 5. The first Censor; 6. The second Censor ; This list or schedule consists of six magistracies, and to every magistracy there are to be four competitors, that is, in all four- and- twenty competitors proposed to the house. They that are to propose, the competitors ...are called electors, and no elector can propose above one competitor : wherefore for the proposing of four-and-twenty competitors you must have four-and-twenty electors ; and whereas the ballot consists of a lot and of a suffrage, the lot is for no other use than for the designation of electors ; and he that draws a gold ball at the middle urn is an elector. Now, as to have four-and-twenty competitors proposed, you must have four-and-twenty electors made, so to have four- and-twenty electors made by lot, you must have four-and-twenty gold balls in the middle urn ; and these (because otherwise it would be no lot) mixed with a competent number of blanks, or silver balls.

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The Commonwealth of Oceana
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