The Confidence-Man

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The Confidence-Man
Melville Herman
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With a kind of a surge he righted himself, for an instant looked toward the herb-doctor; but, either from emotionor aversion, or both together, withdrew his eyes, saying nothing. Presently, still stooping, he seated himself, drawing his child betweenhis knees, his massy hands tremulous, and still averting his face, whileup into the compassionate one of the herb-doctor the child turned afixed, melancholy glance of repugnance.
The herb-doctor stood observant a moment, then said: "Surely you have
...pain, strong pain, somewhere; in strong frames pain isstrongest. Try, now, my specific, " (holding it up). "Do but look at theexpression of this friend of humanity. Trust me, certain cure for anypain in the world. Won't you look?" "No, " choked the other.
"Very good. Merry time to you, little May Queen. " And so, as if he would intrude his cure upon no one, moved pleasantlyoff, again crying his wares, nor now at last without result. Anew-comer, not from the shore, but another part of the boat, a sicklyyoung man, after some questions, purchased a bottle.

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The Confidence-Man
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