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The Cookery Blue book

Cover The Cookery Blue book
The book The Cookery Blue book was written by author Here you can read free online of The Cookery Blue book book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is The Cookery Blue book a good or bad book?
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In our eReader you can find the full English version of the book. Read The Cookery Blue book Online - link to read the book on full screen. Our eReader also allows you to upload and read Pdf, Txt, ePub and fb2 books. In the Mini eReder on the page below you can quickly view all pages of the book - Read Book The Cookery Blue book
What reading level is The Cookery Blue book book?
To quickly assess the difficulty of the text, read a short excerpt:

Soak the gelatine until perfectly soft, have the coffee boiling hot, andturn over the gelatine and sugar. Strain and set away until partlystiff. Beat the eggs to a stiff froth, and mix with the whipped cream;add to the gelatine, mixing thoroughly. Mold and serve with whippedcream.
=Bavarian Cream with Peaches. = Cut 18 fine peaches, or a sufficient number of canned ones, into smallpieces, and boil with 1/2 pound of sugar. When reduced to a marmaladepress through a coarse sieve, then add 1/2 pac
...kage dissolved gelatine, and a tumbler of cream. Stir this well to make it smooth, and when aboutset, add 1 pint of whipped cream, and pour into a mold. It makes a stillprettier dish to serve half or quarter of peaches, half frozen, aroundthe cream.
=Charlotte Russe. = 1 pint cream, whipped light, 1/2 ounce gelatine dissolved in 1 gill ofhot milk, whites of 2 eggs beaten to a stiff froth, 1 small teacup ofpowdered sugar. Flavor with vanilla or little almond. Mix together thecream, eggs, sugar and flavoring, and beat in the gelatine and milk whenquite cold.

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The Cookery Blue book
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