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The Country Doctor

Cover The Country Doctor
The Country Doctor
Hono 1799 1850 Balzac
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" " Now that we have regulated the fate of the world, messieurs, let us speak of other things. Come, captain, a glass of the wine of the Hermit- age, " exclaimed the doctor, laughing.
" Two, rather than one, " said Genestas, extending his glass, " and I wish to drink them to your health, as to that of a man who does honor to the species. " "And whom we all cherish, " said the cure in a voice full of mildness.
212 THE COUNTRY DOCTOR " Monsieur Janvier, do you then wish me to com- mit some sin of
... pride ?" "Monsieur le cure has said in a whisper what all the canton cries aloud, " replied Cambon.
" Messieurs, I propose to you to conduct Monsieur Janvier home, taking a walk in the moonlight. " " Let us go, " said the guests, preparing to accom- pany the cure.
"Come to my barn, " said the doctor, taking Genestas by the arm, after having said good-night to the cure and to his other guests. "There, Cap- tain Bluteau, you will hear talk of Napoleon. I have some gossips that ought to make Goguelat, our foot-soldier, gabble about this god of the people.

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The Country Doctor
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