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My hands are pink and raw in the bitter morning air, stinging from the turps that is seeping into the cracks in my dry skin. I’d scrubbed at the door late last night, but ‘murderer’ had been sprayed in paint, not blood, and hot, soapy water couldn’t wash it off.
    After a restless, disturbed sleep I’d woken from a nightmare at 5 a.m., pyjamas drenched in sweat. I’d switched on my light to reassure myself blood wasn’t streaming down my walls, as it had in The Amityville Horror I watched last ye through splayed fingers, Matt’s arm heavy and reassuring around my shoulders. I’d made a mug of hot chocolate and huddled back under the duvet, Branwell at my feet, the photo of Mum on my lap. Her face my anchor in this unfamiliar world I’ve tumbled in to. I’d traced her features and tried to second-guess what she’d have thought of Dad’s letter. His release. Would she have forgiven him?
    The period after he was arrested, or ‘went away’ as Mum called it, was difficult for us all.

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Guest 10 months ago

I couldn't stop thrilling with alot of twists, turns and surprises....great book...enjoyed reading from first chapter to the last ....

Guest a year ago

The book was great! It had al ot of twists that I did not see coming. Will look forward to reading another one of her books!!

Guest 4 years ago

This book kept me on pins and needles through the whole thing! It was excellent! The writer was so easy to follow and I could imagine every page in my mind. Totally recommend this book, I could barely put it down!

Guest 4 years ago

this book sucks like maxel vacuums. i dont have much time. i am about to die at the hands of a Ms. Dorothy Maxel. Please hear my cry for help. she is coming now. goodbye world

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