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The Days of Jeanne D'arc

Cover The Days of Jeanne D'arc
The book The Days of Jeanne D'arc was written by author Here you can read free online of The Days of Jeanne D'arc book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is The Days of Jeanne D'arc a good or bad book?
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And there was also money to pay now for the equipment of an army. Troops were gathering at Blois, the next important town between Tours and Orleans. Yolande of Sicily had found the open hand of Jacques Coeur of Bourges more generous than ever on account of the maid's fame.
At the western end of the street stood St. Martin's great church, flanked on one comer by a square gray pile called the tower of Charlemagne. Its flying but- tresses framed segments of a gauzy sky. Bertrand and Pierre threade
...d their way around its side and be- yond the western portal. Within sight was the town house of Jehan Dupuy, the seignior of Roche-Saint- Quentin,^ whose wife had guardianship of the maid in Tours. The seignior of Roche-Saint-Quentin was Queen Yolande's man of affairs. His wife had been the playmate and friend of Marie of Anjou. The dauphin thought of no better place for his approved agent while the troops were gathering than the house of this faithful vassal.
Horses and varlets waited about the large portal.

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The Days of Jeanne D'arc
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