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The regent had been cautious about risking decisive battle, but Charles had outdone his invaders, so that English and French armies only touched in a skirmish near Baron, by Senlis. "Paris, " said the Duke of Bedford, "is the key of France. " And Charles seemed loath to stretch out his hand and seize the key of his realm. He could not advantageously use what was in loyalty given to him, while the Regent of England, in order to carry on war, was strong-handed enough to lay a tax even on the smal...l pay of his soldiers. All the hopelessness of Jeanne's colossal task took physical shape in a woman of the camp shocking against her with an ill-guided and struggling courser. She looked up from her saddle-bow at an impudent face defying her even to cleanse the troops. Her eye- brows drew together, her nostrils quivered, her hand brought up the sword of Fierbois like a flash, and smote it flat across Haumette Davide's back. The blade parted in two. One piece fell under the feet of La Hire's horse, and Jeanne stared silently at what remained on the hilt in her hand.

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The Days of Jeanne Darc
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