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The Deacon of Dobbinsville

Cover The Deacon of Dobbinsville
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All thisgreatly incensed his fellow church-members. They insisted that he hadgone crazy and was no longer fit to belong to the church. Accordingly hewas put out. Jake took it all in good part and rejoiced that he wascounted worthy to suffer for Jesus' sake.
But Jake was not long obliged to stand alone in defense of hisprofession. His simple life of trust soon began to have its effect inthe community; during the year his faithfulness had been rewarded by thesalvation of a number of persons in th
...e neighborhood. Old Grandma Grayhad come out boldly on Benton's side. She said that for fifty years shehad been living as best she could, but that she had all this time had alonging for the fulness of the blessing, such as Jake Benton testifiedto, and she arose right in the public meeting and declared herself aseeker for just such a blessing. This set Mount Olivet church all in astorm. Deacon Gramps was furious. He said Jake Benton had a legion ofdevils and that Grandma Gray was bewitched.
But when Grandma Gray took her stand for full salvation, the cause forwhich Mount Olivet stood suffered a mighty blow.

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The Deacon of Dobbinsville
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