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She had secured a spot in the School of American Ballet when she was eight. We were told she had a high instep and good turnout. Every morning she stood with one hand on the kitchen counter and pointed her toes to sweep a series of elegant half circles, her hair pinned up in a high bun. Years later, she told us she saw ballet as her most direct route to the stage, and she was right. At eleven she landed a role in the army of mice in the New York City Ballet production of The Nutcracker. While an...other girl might have wanted to wear a tulle skirt and dance with the snowflakes, May was thrilled with her oversized furred head and long, whiplike tail.
“Miss Elise said that smaller companies reuse the children in different parts,” May told us when she was cast. “But New York has too much talent. If you’re a mouse, you’re a mouse. That’s all you’re going to get.”“No small parts,” her mother said. “Only small mice.”May stayed in character through the long autumn of rehearsals, keeping her hands curled beneath her chin as she scurried around the house, nibbling at carrots with her front teeth in a way that irritated her brother to no end.

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The Dutch House
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Guest a year ago

I think this was an amazing book with twists and turns from start to end with so many new characters along the way and the description was awesome and I could picture everything and everyone! Awesome Novel!

Guest 4 years ago

I greatly enjoyed this novel! Twists and turns, surprises with endings and beginnings. I could imagine each character and their lives as they grew

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