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And meanwhile the Seiads would have avoided the fatal carelessness and lethargy which opened India to the incursion of Nadir Shah, and the consequent utter prostration of the Imperial majesty and authority.
THE RESULT OF THE VICTORY ABORTIVE 179 On the other hand, the counter-revolution, though successful at the moment, failed, through the personal defects of the Emperor, to retrieve the failing fortunes of the Empire. It restored the Emperor to personal freedom, and to the exercise of his pers
...onal sovereignty, according to the traditional practice of the Mogul monarchy. And had Mohammad Shah, like his illustrious predecessors, been a Prince of mature age, versed in affairs, and from experience capable of discerning, and from disposition inclined to pursue, his true interests, and steadily supporting a sagacious and loyal Minister ; though he could not have succeeded in restoring the Empire to its pristine vigour, or re-extending it to its old limits, he might probably have retarded the day of its dissolution ; ruled respectably ; and avoided the fatal concessions which we shall see he was constrained to make to the Mahrattas, and the crushing overthrow and abject humiliation which he suffered from Nadir Shah.

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The Fall of the Mogul Empire
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