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81 Thy little hands were clasp'd whilst laid upon thy mo- ther's knee, I saw her raise her eyes to heaven, and breathe a prayer for thee; For thou wast first-born of her love, and tears bedimm'd her eye, Lest thou should' st feel the cold world's slight, or ought of misery!
I saw thee in thy girlhood's first and brightest dream of youth. And thou wast full of loveUness, of gaiety, of truth ; Thou wast a rosebud young and fair, just opening to the sight. That cheer' d the heart with gladness, li a vision of delight !
I saw thee bloom in beauty when a woman thou had'st grown. And many a suitor foUow'd thee, and wished thee for his own; But ah ! thy heart was given to one who claim'd thee for his bride. Thou lovedst him with devotedness — he loved none else beside !
I saw thy cheek begin to fade, thine eye to lose its brightness.
Thy fawn-like step more feeble grew — thy form had lost its lightness; But still the workings of thy heart more warm and fer- vent grew As the moment that must sever us still near and nearer drew !

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The Fancies of a Dreamer
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