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He had taken dozens of falls. Two broncos hadgone down under him with broken necks. A third had twisted its leg in abeaver burrow and later had to be shot. This day he outdid himself.
As young Dillon raced behind him along side hills after dogies fleet asblacktails, the heart fluttered in his bosom like a frightened bird in acage. He did not pretend to keep up with Hawks. The best he could do wasto come loping up after the excitement was over. The range-rider made nospoken comment whatever, but
... his scornful blue eyes said all that wasnecessary.
The day's work did not differ except in details from that of yesterdayand to-morrow. They headed back two three-year-olds drifting too farnorth. They came on a Slash Lazy D cow with a young calf and moved itslowly down to better feed near the creek. In the afternoon they found ayearling sunk in a bog. After trying to pull it out by the ears, theyroped its body and tugged together. Their efforts did not budge theanimal. Hawks tied one end of the rope to the saddle-horn, swung up, andput the pony to the pull.

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The Fighting Edge
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