The First Man

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The First Man
O'neill Eugene
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ESTHER--[Forcing gaiety. ] To play host, you big bear, you! Don't youthink we came to see you, too? Sit down here and be good. [He sits onsofa. ] EMILY--[Softly. ] Martha had to leave us to go motoring with Mr. Bigelow.
ESTHER--[Hastily. ] And the three children.
CURTIS--[Frowning grumpily. ] Hm! Big and his eternal kids. [He sighs. They exchange meaning glances. CURT seems to feel ashamed of hisgrumpiness and tries to fling it off--with a cheerful smile. ] But whatthe deuce! I must be getting
...selfish to grudge Martha her bit of freshair. You don't know what it means to outdoor animals like us to be pentup. [He springs to his feet and paces back and forth nervously. ] We'reused to living with the sky for a roof--[Then interestedly. ] Did Marthatell you I'd definitely decided to go on the five year Asian expedition?
ESTHER--Curt! You're not!
EMILY--And leave Martha here--all alone--for five years?
JAYSON--Yes, you can't take Martha with you this time, you know.
CURTIS--[With a laugh. ] No?

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The First Man
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