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He soon loadedand brought down the fourth wolf, and then gave a shout of triumph toinform the Indians that he had reached a place of safety. The Indiansshouted back from the tree-tops far down the mountain, with joy thatechoed through every glen and ascended above the mountain-top; forhearing the howling and growling of the wolves after Mayall's firstfire, they supposed the wolves were devouring Mayall and would soon beupon their track, and had taken the precaution to reach a place ofsafety in ...time. Mayall now continued to load his gun and fire upon thewolves with success, until the thinned band made their retreat up themountain. He then descended from his lofty perch, made his retreat inthe same direction the Indians had, down the mountain.
Mayall soon reached the place where the Indians had fled for safety, andfound them perched in a tree like two owls on their nightly roost. Assoon as the Indians saw Mayall they quickly descended, and the threetook up their line of march for their camp with the double-quick.

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