The Goat-Gland Transplantation

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The Goat-Gland Transplantation
Flower Sydney Blanshard
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Brinkley'swork on the instant of his arrival, compelling a long visit.
CHAPTER VII PROFESSOR STEINACH AND THE RAT Writing with vivacity and humor, Mr. Clarence Day, Jr. , speculates withso much whimsicality upon the possible effects of surgical rejuvenationof men that one might overlook the keenness of his observation in ahurried perusal of his article. For the sake of preserving it for moreleisurely study, and because the points raised are really worthy ofattention, the article is reproduced h
...ere in full, with acknowledgmentsto +The Literary Review+, in which it first appeared, of date November20, 1920. Says Mr. Day: Biologists really seem to be discovering ways of making men young again. So far, it is like making men drunk; the state that is produced does notlast. But it looks as though they might succeed in adding a chapter tolife. I wish it could be added to the other end: to youth instead of tothe last flickers. But if we can renew and re-live middle-age, that willbe better still.

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The Goat-Gland Transplantation
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