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Aware already that, to avoid blame, God ought to be square in his corner.
Jack—and probably Fang and Matchbox, for their accounts had the workaday, cracked-bell tone of truthfulness about them—crept up to the parked carriage after having stealthily run round the block, approaching from the street side. The bigger boys hung back, fearing to be seen. A youth barely six years of age, which was ambitious even for a newsboy, who was called Fancy due to his insistence upon buying new socks when his o
...ld ones grew holes, was chosen to spy out the situation. He walked elfen as you please up to the street-side door of the carriage and looked in the bag.
“Came back all over ergotat.” Matchbox shook his head, a resigned false bravery in his weirdly adult eyes.
“Did he tell you why he felt ill?” I inquired.
He did not; the suddenly sickly Fancy refused to report what he’d seen in the bag. This wasn’t exactly a mark of courage, and it went poor for him in a whispering and pinching fashion before Jack Be Nimble volunteered to see for himself.

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The Gods of Gotham
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arrow1408 6 years ago

book is lit i like the book there is soooo much action into the book hope you like the book see ya bye

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