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The Grammer of Classification
W C Berwick William Charles Berwick Sayers
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3703 Dictionaries, etc.
All of these answer the same rule, that they divide the subject according to the form in which it is presented ; and such divisions are a necessity in bibliographical classification.
21. A notation is a shorthand abbreviation of the name of a heading, similar in function to the abbreviations used by the chemist for the names of the chemical elements. It may consist of letters, figures or arbitrary signs, or of a combination of these. A notation consisting entirely of one
... kind of symbol is called a. Pure notation; that consisting of various symbols different in kind is a mixed notation. Generally speaking a pure notation is more simple and more easily apprehended than one that is mixed, and is therefore to be preferred. The usual forms are: arabic numerals read arithmetically ; arabic numerals read decinially as in the Decimal scheme ; the letters of the alphabet as in the Expansive ; a combination of letters and numerals as in the Subject, Zion College, Library of Congress, Adjustable, Rational and other schemes; and Smith jhas proposed an ingenious scheme in which letters, figures, and mathematical symbols (such as Iull+ for Fruits and Fruit Trees) are combined.

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The Grammer of Classification
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