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Leni was his North Star. He knew it sounded stupid and girlie and romantic and that people would say he was too young to know these things, only he wasn’t. When your mom died, you grew up.
He hadn’t been able to protect his mom, to save her.
He was stronger now.
He held Leni in his arms all night last night, loved her, felt her twitch at bad dreams, listened to her sobs. He knew how that was, nightmares like that about your mom.
Finally, when the first glimmer of daylight pulsed through the pup
...tent’s tangerine nylon sides, he eased away from her, smiling at the muffled sound of her snoring. He dressed in yesterday’s clothes, put on his hiking boots, and stepped outside.
Gray clouds muscled across the sky, lowered over the trail. The breeze was more a sigh than anything else, but it was the end of August. The leaves were changing color at night. They both knew what that meant. Change came even faster up here.
Matthew busied himself building a fire on the black remnants of last night’s blaze.

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The Great Alone
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Debbie S 3 years ago

I know nothing about Alaska. Have never even dreamed of visiting it. But this book revealed the beauty (and hardship) of a beautiful state. I didn't want the book to end! Thank you for opening my eyes to Alaska.

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