The Gun-Brand

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The Gun-Brand
Hendryx James Beardsley
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Where all have plenty, and none are asked to toil and dig in the dirt of the mines. Where allthat is required is to sit in the school and learn from books, andbecome wise in the ways of the white man. " The half-breed paused, swaying his body to and fro as he gazed intentlyinto the eyes of the greed-crazed horde. Suddenly his voice arosealmost to a shriek. "You are free men--dwellers in a free land! Whois MacNair, that he should hold you in servitude? Why should you toilto enrich him? Why shoul...d you bow down beneath his tyranny? Who is_he_ to make laws that you shall obey?" He shifted his gaze to theupturned face of Sotenah. "Who is he to say: 'You shall drink nofirewater'? And who is he to flog you when you break that law? I tellyou in the great storehouse on the Yellow Knife is firewater for all!The white man's drink! The drink that makes men strong--and happy--andwise as gods!" He called loudly. Two of his canoemen rolled a cask to his feet, and, upending it, broached in the head. Seizing a tin cup, LeFroy plungedit into the cask and drank with a great smacking of lips.

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The Gun-Brand
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Nandini thota 4 years ago

how to get full novel to read ? can anyone suggest me

Guest 6 years ago

good book

Guest 6 years ago

Great read. Not one to pass on.

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