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The Haunted Room a Tale
A. L. O. E.
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" "I'll mix a tumblerful at once. The wine's on the table — hot water and nutmeg in the kitchen, " cried a female voice that was strange to the ear of Emmie. But the poor girl was too much exhausted by the events of the evening to look much around her ; she was stiff and trembling with cold, and bruised by her fall, and faintly asked Susan to show her without delay to her room.
Emmie was conducted by her maid up a broad staircase of oak, which ended in a corridor, of which the length neai-ly co
...rresponded with that of the house. To the left were the apartments which had been assigned to the use of Mr. Trevor and his sons. Susan, on reaching the corridor, turned to the right.
drawing back a large curtain of old-fashioned tapestry, on which the life-size figures, wrought by hands long since cold in the grave, were so faded that their outlines could scarcely be traced by the light of the candle carried by the maid. This piece of stiff tapestry had been hung across the corridor in order to keep off draughts from the aged lady who had last inhabited Myst Court.

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The Haunted Room a Tale
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