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Nor has anyEarth officer that we have captured shown any desire to do so. Oh, someof them have agreed to do almost anything we wanted them to, but thesewere not the intelligent ones, and even they were only doing it to savetheir own miserable hides.
"Still, you are an exceptional man, Sepastian, unlike any other of yourrace, as far as we know. Perhaps it is simply that you are the only onewith enough wisdom to seek your intellectual equals rather than remainloyal to a mass of stupid animals who
... are fit only to be slaves. " "It was because I foresaw their eventual enslavement that I acted as Idid, " MacMaine admitted. "As I saw it, I had only two choices--toremain as I was and become a slave to the Kerothi or to put myself inyour hands willingly and hope for the best. As you----" He was interrupted by a harsh voice from a nearby speaker.
"_Battle stations! Battle stations! Enemy fleet in detector range!Contact in twelve minutes!_" * * * * * Tallis and MacMaine headed for the Command Room at a fast trot.

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The Highest Treason
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