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We shall ride haughtily as bright Crusaders, As hooded palmers fare with humbled hearts, And we shall find, adoring blithe invaders, The City of Seven Towers, of Seven Arts. --Then the Last Quest, (lead you the dreadful way!)Among the unimagined Nebulae!
XXXII THE SUM OF THINGS TO ANOTHER WOMAN Well, I am tired, who fared to divers ends, And you are not, who kept the beaten path;But mystic Vintagers have been my friends, Even Love and Death and Sin and Pride and Wrath. Wounded am I, you are imm
...aculate; But great Adventurers were my starry guides:From God's Pavilion to the Flaming Gate Have I not ridden as an immortal rides?And your dry soul crumbles by dim degrees To final dust quite happily, it appears, While all the sweetness of her nectaries Can only stand within my heart like tears. O throbbing wounds, rich tears, and splendour spent, --Ye are all my spoil, and I am well content.
XXXIII REACTION Give me a chamber paved with emerald And hung with arras green as evening skies, Broidered with halcyons, moons, and heavily thralled White lilies, cold rare comfort for the eyes.

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The Hours of Fiammetta
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