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Thisimposing figure might be that of a millionaire's daughter; how thencould I associate her, even in my own mind, with theft? I decided that Imust see her face before giving answer to these doubts.
She did not seem inclined to turn. She had raised the shade from beforethe wintry panes and was engaged in looking out. Her attitude was notthat of one simply enjoying a moment's respite from the dance. It wasrather that of an absorbed mind brooding upon what gave little or nopleasure; and as I furt
...her gazed and noted the droop of her lovelyshoulders and the languor visible in her whole bearing, I began toregard a glimpse of her features as imperative. Moving forward, I cameupon her suddenly.
"Excuse me, Miss Smith, " I boldly exclaimed; then paused, for she hadturned instinctively and I had seen that for which I had risked thisdaring move. "Your pardon, " I hastily apologized. "I mistook you foranother young lady, " and drew back with a low bow to let her pass, for Isaw that she thought only of escaping both me and the room.

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The House in the Mist
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