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They say (as we ourselves have said, remember)'What wizardry this slow waltz works upon us!And how it brings to mind forgotten things!'They say 'How strange it is that one such eveningCan wake vague memories of so many springs!' And so they go . . . In a thousand crowded places, They sit to smile and talk, or rise to ragtime, And, for their pleasures, agree or disagree. With secret symbols they play on secret passions. With cunning eyes they see The innocent word that sets remembrance trembling
..., The dubious word that sets the scared heart beating . . . The pendulum on the wallShakes down seconds . . . They laugh at time, dissembling;Or coil for a victim and do not talk at all.
X. LETTER From time to time, lifting his eyes, he seesThe soft blue starlight through the one small window, The moon above black trees, and clouds, and Venus, --And turns to write . . . The clock, behind ticks softly.
It is so long, indeed, since I have written, --Two years, almost, your last is turning yellow, --That these first words I write seem cold and strange.

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The House of Dust a Symphony
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