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"That boy was followed by others. I absorbed many useless things andsome that were evil. I realised that I must direct my absorptivepropensities. This I did. I selected, selected well. And all the timethe terrible power of which I was only half conscious grew within me. " "It is indeed a terrible power, " she cried; "all the more terrible forits subtlety. Had I not myself been its victim, I should not now find itpossible to believe in it. " "The invisible hand that smites in the dark is certain more fearfulthan a visible foe. It is also more merciful. Think how much you wouldhave suffered had you been conscious of your loss. " "Still it seems even now to me that it cannot have been an utter, irreparable loss. There is no action without reaction. Even I--evenwe--must have received from you some compensation for what you havetaken away. " "In the ordinary processes of life the law of action and reaction isindeed potent. But no law is without exception. Think of radium, forinstance, with its constant and seemingly inexhaustible outflow ofenergy.

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The House of the Vampire
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Guest 5 years ago

i don't care for this book it is a little boaring and it is not as other vampire books i would say that vampire acdomey is a better

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