The Hunted Woman

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The Hunted Woman
Curwood James Oliver
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"No. Let us go on, please. " She was staring fixedly at the sombre red mass of the mountain. Her eyesdid not take in the magnificent sweep of the valley below. They sawnothing of the snow-capped peaks beyond. There was something wild andunnatural in their steady gaze. Aldous dropped behind her as they began thegradual descent from the crest of the break and his own heart began to beatmore apprehensively; the old question flashed back upon him, and he feltagain the oppression that once before ha
...d held him in its grip. His eyesdid not leave Joanne. And always she was staring at the mountain behindwhich lay the thing they were seeking! It was not Joanne herself that sethis blood throbbing. Her face had not paled. Its colour was like the hecticflush of a fever. Her eyes alone betrayed her; their strange intensity--thealmost painful steadiness with which they hung to the distant mountain, anda dread of what was to come seized upon him. Again he found himself askinghimself questions which he could not answer.

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The Hunted Woman
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