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Now youhave married a young lady who is very intelligent, very pleasing; butshe has a delicate nervous system, and it has been overstrained. Shelets this peculiar weakness of her memory get on her nerves. You havenerves yourself, you have imagination, and you let your mind give way tohers. That's not wise; it's not right. Let her feel that these moods donot affect you; be sure that they do not. What matters mainly is thatyour mutual love should remain unchanged. When your wife finds that herhap...piness, her real happiness, is quite untouched by these changes ofmood, she will leave off attributing an exaggerated importance to them. So will you, Stewart. You will see them in their right proportion; youwill see the great evil and danger of giving way to imagination, ofaccepting perverse psychological hypotheses as guides in life. Reasonand Religion are the only true guides. " The Master did not utter these sayings continuously. There were pauseswhich Stewart might have filled, but he did not offer to do so.

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