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Peace was plainly for the interest of the English ; and there was much argument showing that the trade passing either north or south of Lake Erie must meet at the Niagara, so that the English, with advanced trading posts protected by the Iroquois and with cheaper goods, could get it. They persuaded the Iroquois to receive the Illinois and Miamis as friends. Then came the struggle between the English and French, for territorial sovereignty.
The French claimed the territory watered by the Ohio an
...d between and around the lakes, because first discovered and explored by them. The English claimed sovereignty over the Five Nations, and therefore over all land conquered by them. Thence the English interest in extolling the extent and strength of the Iroquois government. The French replied that their discovery was before the Iroquois conquest.
Governor Burnet, in 1721, thinks the French have no title by occupancy to the West, as the Iroquois were before them, and had used the lands as a hunting ground, having subdued the old title and conveyed their title to Great Britain at Albany, 1701, in these words : "We do give up and render all that land where the beaver hunting is," etc., "to Coraghkoe, our great King, and pray he may be our protector and defender ;" in which very treaty he says complaint was made of the French settlement at Detroit.

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