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The Joy of the Lord

Cover The Joy of the Lord
The Joy of the Lord
J R James Russell Miller
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He hears the cry of the child, the groan of the oppressed, every pang of distress. It is a measureless comfort to us to know that God is afflicted in all our afflictions, that our Saviour is touched with the feeling of our infirmities.
The gentle sympathy of God with our human weakness and pain is one of the 14 THE JOY OF THE LORD most marvelous qualities of the divine character and is infinite in its comfort. To know that God feels with us in our every pang, that he cares when we are in distre
...ss, brings him very near to us and makes our pain very sacred. We must not think that God is angry with our tears or forbids us to grieve. Jesus him- self wept when his friend had died and when he sat with the sorrowing ones and saw their anguish. He sympathizes with us all in our pain. It is not grief he con- demns or forbids, but excessive grief, grief that is insubmissive. Even the grace of God does not make our hearts less tender. It does not dull our feelings so that pain hurts us less. We do not suffer less in our sorrow because we love Christ.

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The Joy of the Lord
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