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' An' den dat monkey, Zibe Turner, fell tocussin' yo' an' de constables an' de Jedge an' all de ch'ch peoplepermiscus. He said, ef he knew de rascal what giv' de plot away, hewould skin 'im alive an' hang up his skin in his back yard to skeeraway de ghosts. He swore sich drefful oaths ah was afeered de trees byde roadside was gwine to fall on 'em. He mad mah blood run col', an' ahwar pow'ful glad he didn't 'spect me. " "Well, Mose, you are safe for the present anyway, for these wicked menwill b...e tried in court soon, and they will be sent to jail for quite awhile. Now put my horse in a stall, for I am going to make a call atthe big house. " Saying this, Jasper Very handed his bridle to Mose, and also gave himtwo bits in silver. He then passed through a second gate and walkedtoward the mansion, which was some two hundred yards distant. When hegot near the door, Sport, king of all Judge LeMonde's hunting dogs, came bounding toward him, loudly barking. This great animal wasdangerous to strangers but, knowing Very, he came up to him and lickedhis hand with his red tongue.

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The Kentucky Ranger
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