The Land They Loved

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The Land They Loved
Geraldine Dorothy Cummins
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Her pleasure became intense at the thought that one little move- ment of hers would enable her to pass into such bliss. The heroine in " Gossamer Wings " had been captured for the third time by brigands. Her lover had found her in the heart of the mountains; and though in the midst of deadly perils they had halted in a rocky gorge merely in order that they might sit side by side, just above a precipice over which any brigand could topple them. The orchestra wailed out the tender cry of their, and the arm of the hero slid round the small waist as he gazed at his lady adoringly. Then there came a burst of passionate melody, violin sobbing, 'cello booming, and Molly let herself slip back with a happy sigh, closing her eyes. She felt a grip about her waist and greasy hair brushing her cheek. It made her start to her feet gasping as if she had suddenly plunged into ice- cold water. He was whispering something; an angry woman, sitting in the row behind, began to THE LAND THEY LOVED 231 grumble ; he pulled peremptorily at her dress, but she took no notice and struggled out of the row.

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The Land They Loved
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