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The Laws of Hamilton College
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10 7th. To entitle a student to be graduated he must have spent two terms of Senior year in College, and have passed the final examination. He must also have paid his dues to the College Treasurer, and be personally present unless excused.
1. There are three vacations each year. The length of these vacations will be found upon the yearly Catalogue.
2. No under-graduate shall be allowed to remain in the College, during any of the vacations,
... without per- mission.
3. Upon the expiration of any vacation, the Stu- dents are expected to reassemble at College. Absentees are required to give reasonable excuses for their delay.
4. When a Student returns to College during the progress of the term, he is expected to report himself at once to the President or Class Officer. He is regarded from the time of his return, as in actual attendance, and as liable to be charged as other Students are. Nor can such Student omit to attend any one of the exercises without special permission.

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The Laws of Hamilton College
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