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The Life of Marie De Medicis Vol 1 of 3 8 1

Cover The Life of Marie De Medicis Vol 1 of 3 8 1
The Life of Marie De Medicis Vol 1 of 3 8 1
Pardoe Julia
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Vol. Vii. P. 285.
[139] Capefigue, vol. Iv. Pp. 326-331. Sismondi, vol. Xxiii. Pp. 156, 157.
[140] _MSS. De Béthune_, v. Cot. 9319.
[141] Le Vassor, vol. Vi. Pp. 539-541. Capefigue, vol. Iv. Pp. 324-332. Sismondi, vol. Xxiii. Pp. 157, 158.
[142] Bassompierre, _Mém_. Vol. Iii. Pp. 280, 281.
[143] "C'était son habitude. Il sortait souvent les nuits, quand ilallait en aventures amoureuses, ou pour surveiller lui-même les menéesde ses nombreux ennemis. "--Blaisot, _Manuscript Memoirs of aBenedictin
...e Monk_.
CHAPTER VIII 1631 Richelieu interdicts all correspondence between Anne of Austria and theKing of Spain--The Queen asks permission to retire to the Val deGrâce--Her persecution by the Cardinal--Marie de Medicis protects herinterests--Monsieur pledges himself to support her cause--Gaston defiesthe minister--Alarm of Richelieu--He resolves to effect the exile of theQueen-mother--Monsieur quits the capital--Superstition of Marie deMedicis--An unequal struggle--Father Joseph and his patron--TheQueen-mother resolves to accompany her son to Italy--Richelieu assuresthe King that Marie and Gaston have organized a conspiracy against hislife--The Court proceed to Compiègne--The Queen-mother refuses to retainher seat in the Council--Richelieu regains all his influence over theKing--Revenge of the Cardinal upon his enemies--Desperate position ofMarie de Medicis--Her arrest is determined upon by the Council--Louisleaves her a prisoner at Compiègne--Parting interview of thetwo Queens--Indignity offered to Anne of Austria--Death of thePrincesse de Conti--Indignation of the royal prisoner--A diplomaticcorrespondence--Two noble gaolers--The royal troops pursue Monsieur--Theadherents of Gaston are declared guilty of _lèse-majesté_--Gastonaddresses a declaration to the Parliament--The Queen-mother forwards asimilar protest, and then appeals to the people--A paper war--Thegarrison is withdrawn from Compiègne--Marie resolves to effect herescape to the Low Countries--She is assured of the protection of Spainand Germany--The Queen-mother secretly leaves the fortress--She isbetrayed by the Marquis de Vardes, and proceeds with all speed toHainault, pursued by the royal troops--She is received at Mons by theArchduchess Isabella--Whence she addresses a letter to the King toexplain the motives of her flight--Reply of Louis XIII--Sympathy ofIsabella--The two Princesses proceed to Brussels--Triumphal entry ofMarie de Medicis into the capital of Flanders--Renewed hopes of theexiled Queen--The Belgian Ambassador at the French Court--Vindictivecounsels of the Cardinal--The property of the Queen-mother and Monsieuris confiscated--They are abandoned by many of their adherents--Richelieuis created a duke--A King and his minister--Marie consents to themarriage of Monsieur with Marguerite de Lorraine--The followers of theQueen-mother and the Duc d'Orléans are tried and condemned--Louis XIIIproceeds to Lorraine to prevent the projected alliance of hisbrother--Intrigues of Gaston--Philip of Spain refuses to adopt the causeof Marie de Medicis--Marriage of Monsieur and the Princesse deLorraine--The Queen-mother endeavours to negotiate her return toFrance--Richelieu determines the King not to consent--Charles deLorraine makes his submission to the French monarch--And signs acompulsory treaty.

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The Life of Marie De Medicis Vol 1 of 3 8 1
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