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" He also went as often as convenient to see Mr. Pringle of Caledon, about ten miles from Monaghan, where he spent his time very pleasantly. On his first coming there he had a curious adven- ture which deserves to be related. Mr. Pringle's father, who was then alive, being very old and doting, was unfit to manage his house, which was left to the direction of his son, who in fact was master of all. Consequently, he had a right to ask what company he thought proper. This gentleman invited Mr. Ske...lton to dine with him, and Arch- deacon East, who had lately come to the parish, telling them his father was doting, and not to be offended at any thing he said. When he introduced the Archdeacon to his father, he said, " father this is Archdeacon East the clergyman of the parish, who has come to dine with us to day. " " Ay ay, " observed the old man, " come East, come West, come North, come South, you all come here to fill your bellies. " When dinner was brought in the old man refused to sit at the table with them, but took his seat in an ad- joining room with the door quite open, where he watched them to see how much they would eat.

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The Life of Philip Skelton
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