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Once I left the house, Mrs Ayres and Caroline stayed in the little parlour for just over an hour; and during that hour, feeling slightly uneasy after what I'd hinted to her, Caroline went in to check on Rod. She found him sprawled open-mouthed, nursing an empty gin bottle, too drunk to speak, and her first reaction, she said, was one of annoyance: she was very tempted simply to leave him there, to 'stew in his chair'. But then he gazed blearily up at her, and there was something in his eyes that... moved her - some spark of his former self. For a moment she was almost overcome with the hopelessness of their situation. She knelt beside him and took his hand, lifting it to her face and resting her brow against his knuckles. 'What's happened to you, Roddie?' she asked him quietly. 'I don't know you. I miss you. What's happened?' He moved his fingers against her cheek, but didn't or couldn't answer. She stayed at his side for another few moments, then, pulling herself together, decided to put him into his bed.

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The Little Stranger
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Guest 4 years ago

Long and boring with no resolution. I kept waiting to get answers and never did. Started off good but just dragged on.

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