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Of course! They had to be Russians! The Russians were in the war now, weren’t they? And hadn’t there been a copy of Punch magazine passed around in the trenches which showed Russians looking, yes, just like bears?
His granddad, who had been a Percy too, had once been taken prisoner in the Crimea, and he was always ready to talk about the Russians to an attentive boy. ‘Stank, they did, lad, dirty sods to a man, savages to my mind, and some of them from God knows where in the wilds, well, I’ve nev seen the like! So much fur, and beards a man could keep a goat in, except I would warrant the goat would leap out straight away being particular about the company it kept. But they could sing, lad, stinking though they was, they could sing, better than the Welsh, oh yes, they could sing! But if you hadn’t been told, you would have thought they were animals.’ Now Percy looked at the row of hairy, emotionless, but not particularly hostile faces, and said boldly, ‘Me English Tommy, yes?

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The Long Earth
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Guest 4 years ago

Great read, quantum thinking. Defiantly will be reading the other books in the series, thanks for the read.

Guest 3 years ago

Terry Pratchett as usual does not disappoint. I'll likely be reading the rest of the series too, although not defiantly.

Guest 6 years ago

I like it.10/10

Guest 4 years ago

I like your books

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