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They might phone. " "But I must hunt Kate up! Why, she was all alone there, taking a napin the hammock! If it should--" "It won't, " Jack reiterated positively. "I ought to know, oughtn't I?It's my business to watch fires and see how they're acting, isn't it?"He saw her still determined, and tried another argument. "Listen here. It isn't far up to the station. We'll go up there, and I'll phone downto the office to have the firemen stop and see if she's all right. They'll have to come right by, to get at the fire. And you can'tcross that burning strip now--not on a bet, you couldn't. And if youcould, " he added determinedly, "I wouldn't let you try it. Comeon--we'll go up and do that little thing, telephone to the office andhave them look after Kate. " Marion, to his great relief, yielded to the point of facing up hillwith him and taking a step or two. "But you don't know Kate, " shedemurred, turning her face again toward the welter of burning timber. "She'll be worried to death about me, and it would be just like her tostart right out to hunt me up.

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The Lookout Man
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