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Now the dead earth, wrapt solemnly, expects The punctual resurrection of the Spring. Shackled and bound, the coldly vigilant frost Stiffens all rivers, and with eager power Hardens each glebe. The wasted country owns The keen despotic vehemence of the North; And with the resignation that obtains Where he is weak and powerless, man awaits, Under God's mercy, the dissolvent thaw.
All-beholding, All -informing God Invisible, and ONXY through effects Known and belov'd, unshackle the
...waste earth! Soul of the incomplete vitality In atom and in man! So id of all "Worlds! Leave not Thy glory vacant, nor afflict "With fear and hunger, man whom Thou hast made. Thou from Thy chambers waterest the earth; Thou givest snow like wool; and scatterest wide Hoarfrost like ashes. Casting forth Thy ice Like morsels, who can stand before Thy cold? Thou sendest forth Thy word, and lo ! they melt ; Causing Thy wind to blow, the waters flow. * Soon the frozen air receives the subtle thaw : And suddenly a crawling mist, with rain Impregn'd, the damp day dims, and drizzling drops Proclaim a change.

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The Luggie And Other Poems
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