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" Bentley was racing down the path for the street, where a man inchauffeur's uniform was hurling himself into a limousine, whilebullets from half a dozen plain-clothes men, racing to head him off, sang about his ears. But the stranger gained the driver's seat andthe limousine was away like a shot. The police car was rolling asBentley leaped upon the running board, then eased in beside thedriver.
"Don't stop for anything!" cried Bentley. "Keep that car in sight!" The car headed downtown at break
...neck speed.
CHAPTER V _To Broadway's Horror_ Bentley would never forget that nightmarish ride downtown. It was adream as terrifying and ghastly as had been his experience in theAfrican jungles when he had been Manape. Added to the utter fear ofthe ride was his fear for the safety of Ellen Estabrook. Caleb Barter, so far, was utterly invincible. It seemed he could not be beaten oroutwitted in any way. But Bentley set his lips tightly.
Caleb Barter must have some weak spot in his insane armor, some way bywhich he could be reached and destroyed--and Bentley swore to himselfthat it would be he who would find that weak spot.

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The Mind Master
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