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The Mother And Her Child

Cover The Mother And Her Child
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SCURVY Scurvy, seen in children who subsist on "prepared foods, " ismanifested by tender legs and swollen gums which have a tendency tobleed easily. Pallor, loss of appetite, and insomnia accompany thecondition. The treatment of scurvy is change of diet from "patentfoods" to fresh cow's milk, with the addition of orange juice, daily. In older children the food must be very nutritious; out of door life, salt glows, friction baths (see appendix), and the taking of largeamounts of fats are all ess
...ential to the cure.
ADENITIS--ENLARGED GLANDS Enlarged glands, or what our grandmothers used to call "kernels" inthe throat are often the result of inflammation in the mouth orthroat, and occur in connection with many of the childhood diseases, notably diphtheria, scarlet fever, and scarlatina.
Glands appearing in the back of the neck may be occasioned bypediculli (lice), ring worm, or eczema, while those seen in the neckjust back and below the ears may come from mastoiditis (inflammationof the middle ear) or adenoids.

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The Mother And Her Child
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