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These northern and southern zones of constant precipi- tation extend to the arctic and antarctic circles. There are rainless districts in all these zones ; stretching around the earth in different latitudes, they are generally, however, within or near the tropics. Within these zones of precipi- tation there are, as suggested in the quotations from John- ston's Physical Atlas, various causes for irregular distribu- tion of the quantities of rain in different parts of the earth's surface.
On this
... subject, Schouw, of the University of Copen- hagen, has the following remarks : "Another principal cause of the increased quantity of rain, lies in the inequalities of the earth's surface. Mountains increase the * Johnston's Map is VERT far from correct for the American continent.
RAIN. 453 amount of rain; it increases in proportion as we approach toward them, and the higher and steeper they are. The reason is obvious here also: the strata of air over the mountains are colder than those over plains, and a constant reaction takes place between these differ- ent strata.

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