The Necromancers

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The Necromancers
Benson Robert Hugh
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" Laurie interiorly drew in his horns.
"A--er--an experimenter?" asked the old man, with courteous interest, his eyes giving a quick gleam beneath his glasses.
"A little. " "Yes. Most dangerous--most dangerous. .. . And any success, Mr. Baxter?" Laurie felt his annoyance deepen.
"Very considerable success, " he said shortly.
"Ah, yes--you must forgive me, sir; but I have had a good deal ofexperience, and I must say--You are a Catholic, I see, " he said, interrupting himself. "Or a High Churchma
...n. " "I am a Catholic, " said Laurie.
"So'm I. But I gave up spiritualism as soon as I became one. Veryinteresting experiences, too; but--well, I value my soul too much, Mr. Baxter. " Mr. Morton put a large piece of potato into his mouth with a detachedair.
It was really rather trying, thought Laurie, to be catechized in thisway; so he determined to show superiority.
"And you think it all superstition and nonsense?" he asked.
"Indeed, no, " said the old man shortly.
Laurie pushed his plate on one side, and drew the cheese towards him.

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The Necromancers
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