The Nest Egg

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The Nest Egg
Jacobs William Wymark
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"I can't be--it ain't safe. " "Why not?" ses Mrs. Cook, fidgeting.
"If I was to tell you, you'd lose your good opinion of me, " ses Charlie.
"It wouldn't be much to lose, " ses Mrs. Cook, firing up.
Charlie didn't answer 'er. When he did speak he spoke to the old man, and he was so down-'arted that 'e gave 'im the chills a'most, He 'ardlytook any notice of Emma, and, when Mrs. Cook spoke about the shop agin, said that chandlers' shops was for happy people, not for 'im.
By the time they sat down
... to supper they was nearly all as miserable asCharlie 'imself. From words he let drop they all seemed to 'ave the ideathat the police was arter 'im, and Mrs. Cook was just asking 'im for wotshe called the third and last time, but wot was more likely the hundredand third, wot he'd done, when there was a knock at the front door, soloud and so sudden that old Cook and young Bill both cut their mouths atthe same time.
"Anybody 'ere o' the name of Emma Cook?" ses a man's voice, when youngBill opened the door.

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The Nest Egg
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