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I whispered, hoping to draw as little attention as possible to the fact that I was still awake. “Was I not clear? I don’t want to see you.”
The tent I’d been escorted to was lavish. I had a bed that wasn’t on the ground, as beds in tents tended to be, and it had real bedding that was clean and soft and smelled of lavender. The food too was hot and fresh, and I’d dined on braised pork smothered in carrots and leeks and some sort of stewed plums. The combination should have been revolting, but som
...ehow, after days of eating from jars, it had been delectable.
I wondered if it was the same fare the soldiers dined on, or if I was simply being treated to the queen’s leftovers.
Either way, despite my accommodations and the spread I’d been offered, I’d not once been uncuffed. Even now, with only the soft glow radiating from my skin to illuminate the pitch black of the tent’s interior, my wrists ached from being bound.
“Hear me out,” Niko said, slipping into the tent and letting the flaps whisper closed behind him.

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The Offering
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