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But it was also a Sunday morning, and Sundays have always depressed me—so even under that Easter egg sky I was feeling beaten down.
My science-teacher mother once told me evolution might account for why many people have a phobia of all snakelike creatures. The smartest cavemen had the good sense to run from everything slithery, and that fear eventually led to the invention of dragons and the serpent that came calling for Eve. Myths that have been around so long we’ve forgotten our fears, not our
... stories, came first. Maybe a similar uneasiness is triggered by Sundays. This is a country founded and formed by believers. And maybe generation after generation of our most prosperous and successful ancestors spending the Sabbath feeling guilty became a heritable quirk. Maybe science explains the hitch I get in my chest on the Lord’s Day. I’ve inherited their fears, if not their god.
I stopped for coffee across the street from Lincoln Park. I’d spent an hour in Café Sun on Thursday, trying to read some of Salted Waters, but the squat, middle-aged Korean woman who owned the place had chatted me up.

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