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The Pacific Slope And Alaska

Cover The Pacific Slope And Alaska
The Pacific Slope And Alaska
Joseph Schafer
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But this, for various reasons, was not to be the outcome of the mis sionary activity. The natives there, as elsewhere in North America, were destined to form a most insignificant element in the developed communities of modern times. In Cali fornia, civilized societies grew up slowly outside of the missions, to some extent in spite of them and yet indirectly by their aid. One means which contributed largely to this result during the first thirty-five or forty years of the nineteenth century was ...the development of California s commerce with outside nations.
By a consistent policy of trade monopoly the Spanish government had succeeded in arresting the development of all its colonies, even those which, like Mexico and Peru, possessed the exceptional economic advantage implied in vast deposits of the precious metals. This policy was a fundamental cause of that widespread revolt of the Spanish- American colonies, which marked the first quarter of the 207 208 THE PACIFIC SLOPE AND ALASKA nineteenth century.

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The Pacific Slope And Alaska
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