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Love radiates the resplendence with which they are clothed. Love comes from the vision of God, the light increasing with the ardor, the ardor with the vision. The more clearly one sees the divine, the more ardent the love; the more ardent the love, the clearer the vision. "Therefore the vision must perforce increase, increase the ardor which from that is kindled, increase the radiance which from this proceeds. " To know God is to love Him; to love God is to know Him more completely.
( ' O soari soul ! faint not nor tire ! Each Heaven attained reveals a higher ! " In the fifth heaven of Mars, Dante sees the spirits, brightly scintillating, in the form of a cross, the supreme symbol of self-renunciation.
Up and down they move freely, but are never dissevered from the radiant fillet which binds them to the cross. As the spirits in the Sun show how knowledge increases love and love en- kindles knowledge, the spirits in Mars renounce self utterly, their beneficent activity unobscured t by love of fame, as in Mercury.

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The Paradise of Dante
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